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The Greats: Sci-Fi

Posted: November 27, 2010 in Top Lists
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We all like Science Fiction, right? Maybe? A little? Well, you should, and here are the ten movies from that genre that you should see.


Holy crap! Someone stole the intro for this piece. Darn them thieves.


Pretty much, movies that take place before the time that the movie was shot in. That’s a historical piece and that’s all the criteria I used for picking these.


An Epic Marathon

Posted: November 17, 2010 in Top Lists

You know what would make for an extremely long feeling movie marathon? Epics! I just had the idea that if you showed only Historical Epics, you could get away with maybe 6 movies in a whole day. I decided to see what I had in my collection and how much time it would eat up if I watched them all. I’m giving a slightly loose definition of epic, but I’m adamant about a 180 minute (3 hour) minimum run time. I’m going by the times on my particular DVD boxes, because the times vary from website to website. I’m leaving out things I don’t own and I’m leaving out Braveheart because screw Mel Gibson.

Seven Samurai
Criterion Collection Edition, 2 DVDs 207 minutes (3 hours, 27 minutes)

Ben Hur
1959 version, 2 DVDs, 212 minutes (3 hours, 32 minutes)

The Ten Commandments
1956 version, 2 DVDs, 220 minutes (3 hours 40 minutes)

Lord of The Rings Trilogy
Extended editions (each movie is over the 180 mark), 6 DVDs, 682 minutes (11 hours, 22 minutes)

The Last Emperor
TV Cut, 1 DVD, 218 minutes (Three hours, 38 minutes)

Godfather Triolgy*
4 DVDs or 3 Blu-Ray, 549 minutes (9 hours, 9 minutes)

Kingdom of Heaven
Director’s Cut, 2 DVDs, 194 minutes (3 hours, 14 minutes)

Criterion Edition 1 DVD, 196 minutes (3 hours 16 minutes)

Directors Cut, 2 DVDs, 180 minutes (3 hours)

Branagh Version, 2 DVDs, 242 minutes (4 hours 2 minutes)

Schindler’s List
2 DVDs, 196 Minutes (3 hours, 16 minutes)

Once Upon a Time in America
Diector’s Cut, 2 DVDs, 229 minutes (3 Hours 49 minutes)

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
There are two main editions, this one and the Special Extended cut. 1 DVD, 177 or 179 minutes (Because I feel bad about it missing by a minute or two. By the time you get through the menus and the warnings, it gets to 3 hours)

2 DVDs, 179 minutes (Another one I felt bad about missing the 3 hour mark by 1 minute)

18 Movies
3683 Minutes (About 62 hours, which would put you into the third day of solid watching.)
30 discs (So you’d pretty much end up swapping discs as many times as you would without the epics.)

If you start on Thanksgiving, and go all the way to Sunday, you could do it. You’d have to park it for about 16 hours a day and really be into very long movies, but if you’ve got no other plans for next weekend, give it a whirl.

* Yes, yes, Parts 1 and 3 are only 170 minutes each, but who cares? It would feel strange just watching Part 2, wouldn’t it? Tell you what, take some minutes from Braveheart, which we aren’t watching anyway and give them to the Godfather movies. I guess you could watch both halves of Red Cliff or Kill Bill instead if you really want, but those are both cheats as the theatrical releases were split into 2 movies each.

I fantasize about a world where I can get an intern to write intros for me.
I’m trying to cast a wide net with these selections, but this week I failed. Most of these were made within a few years of each other. I put it down to the fact that my formative years coincided quite nicely with a renaissance in fantasy filmmaking. A couple of obvious things like The Empire Strikes Back and Raiders of The Lost Ark aren’t here because they’ve already been addressed in last week’s entry.


The Greats: Horror

Posted: November 9, 2010 in Top Lists
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I’m too scared to write a proper into. Horror movies are scary!


If you want to know whether or not you should listen to a critic, you should hear what they think The Greats are. So here are my suggestions for you to peruse. We’ll start with movie series that I think are great.

I’m posting this first to avoid people thinking that I forgot to mention some of the movies that won’t be turning up. I’d hate to hear that it’s no big deal, but how could I forget to add that one movie to the list? That surely I couldn’t have thought it inferior, could I? Well, no of course not. What happened was I couldn’t decide which movie from a particular series to add to the list. You can’t go around naming every movie from a series, because then you’re just padding the list out to make ten. No, instead you’ve either got to name the group as a whole, or write a list made up entirely of series. I did the later. Here we have the ten film series that I think are essential to informed movie watching.


As an inaugural post, here is a Top 40 list. Unlike most Top 40 lists though, I decided to link one to the next in a long chain. These movies are more selections from my Top 100 than anything like my actual 40 favorite movies. They also aren’t in order. If you think that a lot of this sounds like it was done on a bet, you’re not far off.

Still, let’s gt going with my Top 40 Movies by Odd and Vague Connections