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Did you know there was a western with an all-midget cast?

Not a joke.

It was called The Terror of Tiny Town.

That really happened.

They really made a midget western.

I have not exaggerated one bit. Look, I’ve got the poster and everything.

You KNOW my photoshop-fu is non-existent.

Jed Buell woke up one morning (one presumes in a whiskey fog) in 1938 and actually said “I know! I’ll make a western with a bunch of the guys who are going to be munchkins in The Wizard of Oz. AWESOME!”
And instead of just waiting for the booze to stop talking, he went ahead and made it. And then… for some strange reason, he allowed it to lapse into the public domain, so I can provide a link where you can either watch it or download it for free! Completely legal too.

However, if you want it on DVD (and why wouldn’t you?) you can buy it. Yes, the internet has allowed us the ability to actually own The Terror of Tiny Town on DVD.