Iron Man 3 Review – In Bullet Point Form!

Posted: May 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

1. I liked it! I really liked it. It might be the best Iron Man movie, but I’ll have to watch the first one to make sure. Still, very good. Shane Black knows what the he’s doing.

2. The tone is darker, more serious, but it’s still a light hearted movie you can take the kids to see.

3. What the hell is it with Shane Black and Christmas? SRSLY!

4. This had a way better roll for Pepper than anything else the character has been in.

5. I think some people suffering from PDST (or atleast major anxiety issues) can point to this movie and say “Yeah, that’s what it’s like.” without having to worry about things being triggery. The end of The Avengers is his trigger, the rest of us don’t need to worry.

Minor spoilers below the cut…

7. Tony spends a lot of time out of the suit in this one. Old comic book movie fans may share my annoyance at that. They made it work, it’s a major part of the plot, but it still irks me a little.

6. The only thing that bothered me was when they got the suits at the end. I was all “You mean you could have called another suit at any time?” and Tony’s all “NO! Not at any time, only when it was funny!”

8. I didn’t even know Guy Pierce was in this movie, that was a shock.

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