I had an idea today…

Posted: April 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

I had an idea this morning, that I should have a film festival of movies with years in the title, silly idea, but I had it. This is what I would be watching, but I have to get the movies first.

1492: Conquest of Paradise



Gold Diggers of 1933

Gold Diggers of 1935

Gold Diggers of 1937


Back to 1942


2001: A Space Odyssey

2010: The Year We Make Contact



  1. cyranocyrano says:

    One Million Years BC?
    How about 10,000,000 BC?
    I’d say “Year One” but then we’d be obligated to watch the awful thing.
    Did they make a film version of 1776?
    And would “Summer of ’42” count?
    1969 has RDJ in it, which makes it a winner in my book.

    Also, were you looking for additional suggestions? Because I have some.

    • greyweirdo says:

      One Million and 10,000,000 would count, but I’m not sure I can watch both of those in the same life.

      Year One wouldn’t work, because it’s not an actual year.

      They did make 1776, and I think it’s on dvd.

      I’ve never seen 1969, but that’s very much part of the vibe I’m going for.

      Summer of ’42 comes close.

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