Skyfall Review (In Bullet Point Form!)

Posted: November 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

Short Version: I liked it, but with some reservations.

1. It feels like this movie was written for Brosnan. Or at least, like they started with a Brosnan script. Not in a bad way, not necessarily, but it feels sort of early in Craig’s run for people to be accusing him of being too old for this shit. Also, ALL the computer talk is straight out of 1999.

2. It’s interesting that in 22 minutes they told more of Bond’s backstory than they did in 22 movies. As a result, Bond feels more like a complete character than he ever has before.

3. I was apprehensive about the inclusion of Q, however I was willing to see what they’d do. Bond and Q – together, they fight crime. He’s a near perfect foil for this Bond, and the fact that Syd and I spent 10 minutes talking about his little “Q” mug proves they did something right.

4. The CGI Komodo Dragon was jarring and distracting, as was the CGI breath. I think because that was the only CGI in the movie, it really stood out.

5. Batman, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Superman, Luke Skywalker, Black Dynamite, James Bond… anyone here NOT an orphan?

6. At one point, six to eight blackmen terrorists in black leather carrying machine guns come to a house in Scotland to fight a blue eyed hero and I turned to Syd and said “This just turned into a Jack Higgins Novel” and then it turned into Home Alone.

7. Bond didn’t go into any kind of Gay Panic, instead he goes with it. I liked that. I’m not sure how to interpret his comment, but I don’t think it matters. Either he’s cool enough to play the guy, or he has played both sides of the field at one time or another. I don’t much care, they both work for me.

8. Can just ONE bond girl live in one of Craig’s movies? It was interesting the first two movies, but Bond’s dick is clearly the Harbinger of Doom. 20 minutes after getting funky with Bond, you die. It’s like The Ring or some shit.

Some Spoilers now follow…

9. I dug that this was personal for the baddie. Stealing water, or having a laser gun in space are fine things for a baddie to do, however it was nice to have the whole thing be about revenge this time.

10. Bond has a hard time getting back into shape after his near death experience. That gave the film far more depth than I had expected.

11. It was a little too reliant on tropes from Nolan’s Batman movies. Someone, I forget who, said it was a Bond remake of The Dark Knight. I can’t say about that, but I recognize the tropes.

And the biggest Spoiler of All…

12. Why kill M? Wouldn’t it have been even more interesting to say “You can kill all the bad guys, and save the day and solve the case, but we’re still replacing you” because that’s what was going to happen with this movie. She was over. If she lived, it would have come out that Silva was basically her creation. Politically, she was toast. The situation could have saved MI6, but M was burned. It would have been more interesting to me to see her live and face the forced retirement. However, I think Writer Reasons got in the way. They had to break with Judy Dench, so they killed her character.


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