The Amazing Spider-Man review (in bullet point form!)

Posted: July 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

1. At no time did I ask the question “Why the hell would anyone do that?” when someone did something.

2. I like the evolution of the costume.

3. Andrew Garfield is a good Peter Parker

4. Emma Stone is a good Gwen Stacy.

5. Gwen Stacy only screamed once, and ANYONE would have screamed at that moment.

6. The decision to turn to hero rather than vigilante was hands down the best I’ve seen in a movie EVER.

7. Lizard was… eh. I liked him, he was okay, but he was just sort of… there.

8. I LIKED THE CRANE THING! Okay? I liked it, I thought it was cool. I know lots of people hated it, but I thought it worked.

9. Parker was a real nerd, and he did real nerd stuff.

10. I don’t think I can watch the Sam Raimi Spider-Man again. At least, not anytime soon. It hasn’t aged well and now it’ll look down right campy.

11. Give Sally Field an Oscar. Give her all the Oscars. Give her the one for best lighting and shit. Seriously.

12. Syd said “Oh, so the Denis Leary looking guy was Denis Leary” during the credits. No shit.

So, I really, really liked The Amzing Spider-Man, and I would have liked to see ASM2, but I saw the trailer for The Wizard of Oz prequel, and now I hate all movies. I’m giving up on my hobby, I can’t take the pain.

In fact, I hate everything, because it’s all connected to that piece of shit.

And people were showing up for Batman as we were leaving. It doesn’t start until 12, but they were there at 9:30 waiting.

I sort of wish I hadn’t hated Batman Begins quite so much. I mean, it was one of the worst movies I had ever seen up to that point, but someone forgave its faults enough to make two more movies and I’ve been told people liked The Dark Knight. The problem is, I’ve absolutely hated everything Christopher Nolan has ever done. After The Prestige I blacklisted him and haven’t watched anything since. I don’t want waste time seeing something I’m 98% sure will have me shouting at the screen. And I’ve seen some of the scenes with The Joker, and predicted his movements* and spoke his lines** before he did in every single one. It never gripped me enough to give a shit.

*I knew what his magic pencil trick would be
**“You remind me of my father.” “You hated your father.” “I hated my father.” “Fuck off.”


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