Cartoon Review: Garfield’s Halloween Adventure

Posted: October 29, 2010 in Cartoon Review, Holiday, Reviews
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Garfield’s Halloween Adventure

You know, with the Garfield Halloween special, I’m almost inclined to link to X-Entertainment’s review and call it a day. However, I decided when I started this that I would try and do more than just link to a review and then give my thoughts. It’s going to be hard not to either blow this or end up doing a run down of everything that happens which is less a review and more a written description. The chief problem with Garfield is that he’s purely a cynical attempt to cash in on things. From the very start, that was Jim Davis’s idea, to make a media powerhouse and damned if he didn’t do it. With that in mind though, and that being admitted, it feel facile to simply complain that this is a cynical, phoned in attempt to grab some ratings for Halloween. Doesn’t mean that isn’t what this is, but it does feel sort of redundant at this point.

Jack-O-Lanterns with tongues sticking out of them are just plain funny!

One of the major problems with this special is that this story is so simplistic. It follows a simple one-two-three style progression. What harms it even more is that many of its bits of story only really serves to link rather bad songs together. When not linking songs, the story is full of rather lame gags that are repeated way too many times. Jon leaves a stupid pumpkin on his head for nearly a full minute. WHY? I think they’re trying to state that it’s because he’s dumb. Dumb people wear pumpkins in the world of this cartoon. I feel like wearing one since I agreed to watch and review this thing. I didn’t enjoy this cartoon much, but at least this isn’t Thanksgiving so I don’t have to review that episode. You may remember, I referred to the Thanksgiving special as the most hateful thing ever done in the name of Thanksgiving. So let’s be glad it’s the time of year that it is. M’kay?

Oddly I get the feeling the creators of this are making that very face at us now.

The story begins simply enough. Garfield is woken up by Binky the Clown and told that Halloween is coming. The concept is explained in a few seconds, and all Garfield really gathers is that it’s a night to get candy. He then repeats the words candy about 95 times in quick succession and then does it again three or four other times just to make sure there isn’t anything funny left about it. He just keeps saying it, over and over again. “Candy, candy, candy, candy, candy, candy!” Like a cat would care anyway! Cats can’t taste sweet things. After another few jokes about Garfield being fat and eating a lot, he cons Odie into helping him. Once they decide to work together, they go to the attic and the first crappy song of the evening. I don’t count the Lou Rawls performed opening. The songs are… well they’re not going to win any awards. Unless you count the 1986 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program. They gave this thing that award. Clearly, the atheist are right and there is no God. I think I’ll headdesk now if you don’t mind.

NO! You can’t go as Elton John circa 1978!

They decide to be pirates, and as usually is the case they decide to cosplay a bit before going out and getting the candy. The two of them then go out into the night. They sing a bit about pirates and then sing a song about being a scardy cat. They get themselves scared and howl for a moment before going back to singing. It’s the sort of thing that makes you laugh if you’re under 4 and makes you want to tear your own face off if you’re past the age of 14. The animation is pretty repetitive and pointless, causing a reasonable person pains in their head, neck and ass. I’m a highly trained professional though, so it doesn’t do much to me, except for the cancer that’s building up inside of me from prolonged exposure. Anyway, they go tick-or-treating and get a pretty good haul, of course they get it by threatening the neighbors, but we’re supposed to ignore that in the name of cute asinine animation. Greed destroys them as it will destroy us all. They decide to go for a bigger haul by going to the other side of town. In order to get there though, they need to take a boat ride, to get across the river and the other side of town.

Pirates! On the Internet! Internet piracy! … I haven’t got much to work with here people.

This trip goes badly since they’re a cat and a dog instead of sailors. They drift down the river since Odie tossed the oars aside, but they do come to an island with a house on it. This is where the story takes a seriously bizarre turn. They go into the house where a weird old man tells them a tale of pirates. Seems that there were pirates 100 years ago, and they had to hide their gold on this island, and they’re coming back tonight to get their gold. This would be pirates from around about 1889 then, and not the 1730s style pirates that they show. Gar and Ode get trapped in the house and the ghost pirates turn up and scare the ever-living crap out of them. The thing is that they don’t explain the ghost pirates away as shadows or anything. The ghost pirates are really ghost pirates. All the sudden, they turn it into an actual creepy Halloween story. It’s the one bright spot in an otherwise lackluster affair. The pirates look pretty cool too. Like chalk drawings or something. They really do have a creepy sort of look and I like that.

At least the pirates look kind of neat.

They get away from the pirates and they get the candy back, so you end up with an Eyes Wide Shut sort of “was it all a dream or was it something else” kind of question. Sadly, that’s the best literary allusion I can form for this cartoon. You don’t actually get the orgy, just an orange cat and a yellow dog being sort of stupid. Would you really want and orgy done up in Jim Davis’s rather nasty drawing style? I wouldn’t. I think it would have ruined the whole cartoon. This is not a particularly well loved or remembered special and was done really quickly with very little love. I only remember it being broadcast once, but it may have been shown more than that. All in all, it’s sort of a cynical attempt to cash in on Halloween, and we know what I said about saying that in the start.

We can has candy?

It ain’t the Great Pumpkin, and that’s all you need to say about it. Still, you can get it on DVD with the Christmas and Thanksgiving specials if you want.

Official Score:
10 Degrees on the Graffiti Bridge Scale.

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  1. Ginger says:

    In the book Garfield steals a ring.

  2. Ginger says:

    Did you notice that when Garfield sings “What Should I Be?” he shape shifts? Creepy.

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